MOTOR GOLD Hydraulic Oil HLP-D 46

Product description:
MOTOR GOLD HYDRAULIC OIL HLPD is based on paraffinic base oil and modern additive technology. Effective zinc containing components guarantee optimal lubrication and long term protection against oxidation. During the process fine filtration is possible without the risk of losing valuable ingredients. Because of the high viscosity index the lubricating effect of the oil remains unaffected even at very high temperatures. Dispersant and detergent additives provide optimal dirt-removing properties and the product is especially suitable for centrally supplied machines.

DIN 51524-2 (without demulsification requirements)

FZG-Test A8,3/90 SKS: >12

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Article NumberPacking UnitContent
150594MG1965 l
153622MG1208 l
150396MG120 l

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